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About Us

Our Brand

We understand handbags perform a unique role in every woman's life. Even though they symbolize status and fashion sense, they are quite personal. Each bag is linked to the individual and can contain numerous items which cater support every time she needs it. They allow a woman to express her personality by adding that magical touch to clothes she wears. A bag can be her closest partner on every occasion but her relationship with a bag changes over the years. That is the reason why we handpick every design to satisfy every need of women at all ages. We source our products ethically to artisans who acknowledge that a bag is an emotion every woman possesses and emotion can be worthless if not expressed. Bags are crafted with passion, love and care exactly the way you carry it. Crafting skills of these artisans are transferred over the generations and only source of income. We provide a platform to showcase their skills through e-commerce and impact their lives.

Mother Nature

Over the years, the fashion industry has been maligned for pollution and animal abuse. Our focus is to avoid ecological imbalance by showcasing products like straw bags which are biodegradable and vegan leather bags which are made with no animal abuse. We as a company understand the impact of consistently degrading ecological balance and its impact on future generations. We do not and will not endorse products or services which leaves dents on the environment.


Satchelady is a company emerged from frustration and struggle of a 28 year young man who caught himself dependent on his uncle`s money since he had no source of income. Let me back up a little bit. Man who had well earned job in United States and had to leave it over night after the news of his dad`s ill health. It was traumatic and shattering at the time but he left with no other choice. He returned back to his home country India when he had no clue what was he going to do for living.

Recently married and having a responsibility of his wife on his shoulder he found himself clueless. But the desire to become better and never give up attitude brought him near the door of an opportunity. Always fascinated by fashion industry and lifestyle enthusiast found immense scope in women bags and accessories where he could use his potential to provide amazing products and service to people. He decided to start an e-commerce business.

Since he had no computer or software background, he had to learn everything on his own from scratch. He invested his time to learn about product, web designing, software coding (little bit), video & photo editing, photography, copywriting and list goes on and on. He learned bits and pieces from everything and applied it over the period of time.

Satchelady is managed by that single person who does different roles as owner, investor, planner, social media manager, accountant, market researcher, digital marketer, copywriter, inventory manager, web designer, graphic designer and many more. 

Person in the story (founder) is in the picture below - Snap captured on graduation day - 21st May 2015.